Just about everybody asks me "How did you get here?" and I always answer "The Road!" It really is part of the adventure and the history of our arrival here in Punta Allen. The truth is that Shon had a dream, a dream that included warm tropical breezes and the Caribbean sea. With a bachelor of arts degree from the University of Michigan and a Business Administration degree from Oakland University, he was a retired purchasing agent from General Motors looking for more and I was a baby photographer.

We discovered this special place and really wanted to share it with people from all over the world, but the idea of creating a guest house at the end of a long bumpy road was pretty daunting. So Shon and I, (with the help of a lot of special people) spent his retirement years creating our dream retreat here in Punta Allen. He named it Serenidad Shardon (translated to English it becomes Shardon`s Serenity). Named for the peace and tranquility of the natural rain forest and the conservation efforts of the Sian Ka'an biosphere. Serenidad Shardon was also established around the beliefs and values that the most important things we have are each other. What better legacy for Shon to leave, to have brought smiles and joy to so many family, friends, and even total strangers, (who became instant friends, of course, once they met him).

He loved life. He lived life to the fullest. He left our lives better for having known him. And the tradition continues....come see for yourself! 




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